Jenny's story

We give you the confidence to make the right decisions. Clients often come to us with a file full of paperwork from various plans they’ve purchased over the years. If this sounds like you don’t worry! We’re here to simplify it for you.

When I decided to retire early, investing seemed like a sound idea, but I ended up with a huge pile of stuff that made me really apprehensive.

All I wanted to know is if I could stop working, and what my future finances would look like based on where I am today.

I didn’t know where to start

I felt naïve and frightened so I tried looking online, but that just confused me further, telling me I couldn’t take my pension until I was 67.

Then I was recommended Mike. The wonderful thing? I just gave him my file full of random letters from people and he said “You do know you have more than enough don’t you?” He instantly took my anxiety away.

Mike made sense of things I didn’t understand, he was so calm and explained what I could afford and showed me where I had extra money that I didn’t know about.

The difference with Mike is that he wasn’t trying to sell me anything

The people I’d seen in the past were tied to insurance companies, which meant they weren't giving independent advice. What was refreshing about Mike was that he was saying “This is where you are, this is what I recommend, based on your approach to risk.” He wasn’t trying to push me in a particular direction, or sell me something, which meant I trusted what he was saying a lot more.

Also, his enthusiasm and energy really matters. He's committed to staying up-to-date which is extremely reassuring. Things are far more complex now than even 10 years ago, and knowing that he understands what's current means I don't have to worry.

It also gives me confidence that he’s there for the long haul. If he were to disappear after having sorted everything out for me, then I’d be in the same mess as before. He’s holding my hand and helping me through it, and his relative youth means he’ll be there for me longer than I will!

He makes me feel like I’m his only client

I know I’m not his only customer, but he makes me feel as if I am. I can send Mike a text message to say ‘Help!’ and he’ll reply within 15 seconds.

When he was sorting out my final salary transfer, my old employer made it very difficult to get hold of the money – it took 5 months. But Mike kept on the case, he pestered them daily, looking after my interests. He was calm, persistent and professional throughout and eventually the money came through. I never had to worry or do anything about it myself.

Mike is personal, professional and reassuring

And always smiling. You’re trusting your entire world to one person so you have to have confidence in them! When you feel you’re in a crisis he’s just what you need – just someone to say “It’s ok, it’s going to be good.”

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